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Our Story

In 2009, Buffalo, NY native, Garrett Green grew tired of the agonizing winter months he blamed for countless yearly bouts of mood swings, seasonal depression, poor immunity and eventually, pre-Asthma. At his tipping point, he set off to conduct research into the possibility his ailments were being caused by a lack of sunlight (Vitamin D) that the region is known for during it's long winter months. Using the internet, local resources and scholarly studies by both educational and medical communities, he became motivated by the possibility that his theory was right.

Being the owner of an established consumer products firm and having the dream of contributing to human health, Garrett founded SmartCeuticals™ and quickly commenced two years of intense market research that eventually uncovered a series of scientific findings he believes points to Vitamin D as the most critical Vitamin in human health. "We believe the fundamental reason for the increasing rates of Vitamin D Deficiency and its subsequent effect on short and long-term health is the inability of people to access safe, effective and convenient sources of the vitamin" Green states. "As a newly formed vitamin company, Smartceutical's mission will be to create products that provide safe, effective and more convenient Vitamin D solutions to people around the world."

In early 2011, SmartCeuticals successfully finished the development of the brand Smart D™ (formally, Smartceuticals D™) an innovative, beverage-based Vitamin D Supplement that features a unique built-in absorption formula, helping the vitamin to be properly absorbed into the body. The 2oz, flavored 'shot' format is what the company says 'makes daily dosing something to look forward to, rather than be hassled with' and due to its size and visibility at the point-of-sale 'will reinforce consumer's awareness on the importance of adopting more Vitamin D into their diet'.

As a means to advance research on recent discoveries being made with Vitamin D and its possible role in treating cancer, proceeds from each bottle sold are donated to Roswell Park Cancer Institute - America's first comprehensive cancer center and a US leader in Vitamin D research. (Roswell Park Cancer Institute is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.)


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