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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Smart D™?
A: Smart D™ is a 2oz, flavored Vitamin D shot you drink every other day and contains an absorption formula that helps the Vitamin easily absorb in the body. The benefits of Smart D™ range from increased energy to improved mood to a healthier immune system. Smart D™ is also apart of a global initiative to reduce, prevent and raise awareness on Vitamin D and its increasing importance in human health.

Q: How much Vitamin D is in Smart D and what is the Recommended Use?
A: Smart D™ contains 1,000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D3 and is designed to be taken once every other day with additional Vitamin D sources, such as Vitamin D rich foods, periodic sun exposure, even other supplements.

Q: Can Smart D™ be used as a sole source of Vitamin D?
A: Smart D™ can and is used as a sole source of Vitamin D, because Sun exposure, foods and even supplements are not always reliable or safe. If using Smart D as a sole source we recommend upgrading to our 2,000 IU product or applying for bulk discounts.

Q: What are the benefits of Smart D™?
A: Smart D™ has many benefits as a supplement or alternative sources for Vitamin D. In fact, the benefits are so comprehensive we had to design a whole page for them. Just go here: Benefits

Q. What is the current recommended intake of Vitamin D?
A. The current Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin D, per the Institute of Medicine (IOM):
is 400 IU. However, many Vitamin D experts recommend a minimum of 1,000 IU per day in individuals that think they are suffering from low levels of Vitamin D.

Q. How do I tell if I have low blood levels of Vitamin D?
A. A test called a "25-Hydroxy" can be requested by your General Physician, who will explain how the 25-Hydroxy scores should be read.

Q. Is Vitamin D really a Vitamin?
A. Surprisingly, Vitamin D is not actually a Vitamin, but a hormone that is manufactured in our skin cells after exposure from direct sun light - which explains why it has such a powerful effect on health that other Vitamins don't

Q. Is the Vitamin D my body makes after skin exposure the same Vitamin D I get from Dietary Supplements or Smart D?
A. Yes, they are identical. The hormonally active vitamin manufactured in our skin is called: 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3 (or Cholecalciferal). This is the same active ingredient contained in Smart D™.

Q. Where else can I get Vitamin D besides the sun?
A. Milk, cheese, eggs yolks and certain types of fish like mackerel and Atlantic salmon provide reasonable quantities of Vitamin D3 but not nearly enough according to Vitamin D experts. Supplements are considered the safest and most effective form to obtain Vitamin D3 if they are USP grade and contain the essential Co-Factors your body needs to obtain Vitamin D.

Q. How much Vitamin D is suitable to take per day if I'm pregnant & can I take Smart D™?
A. The daily recommended intake of Vitamin D for women during pregnancy increases to 1000 IU (lower limit) and 4000 IU (upper limit) and yes, Smart D™ is a safe, effective and convenient source of Vitamin D while pregnant but you should always consult your doctor prior to use.

Q: Where Can I Purchase Smart D™?
A: Smart D™ is purchased through our website, or it can be asked for at drug stores, supermarkets and even convenient stores. But pricing will always be the best through

Q: Are there any other vitamins or nutrients I have to take in order to absorb Vitamin D?
A: Yes, Vitamin D has essential Co-Factors that the body needs in order to absorb vitamin D properly. The most important are: Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin A. Smart D™ contains them all in one convenient dose that tastes great and is fun, too.

Q: Are tanning beds a good source for Vitamin D?
A: Tanning beds are a good source of Vitamin D, but may increase your risk of skin disease.

Q: How much does Smart D cost?
A: A One Month Supply of Smart D™ starts at just $27.99/ month through our home delivery program and prices will vary through your local supermarkets.

Q: Do I have to buy a One-Month Supply or there something less ?
A: If ordering through a minimum purchase is One-Month Supply. However, your local supermarket, drugstore or convenient store will have Smart D™ available for purchase for around $2.49/bottle.

Q: How many bottles of Smart D are included in a "One Month Supply" and where do I store them?
A: 12 bottles come in a clear, re-useable Smart D™ drawstring bag and can be stored in your vanity, kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. Smart D is taken once, every other day throughout the month.

Q: If I want to order more do I need to go to the website every time?
A: No, Smart D™ offers an optional Recurring Home Delivery Program that allows you to receive your One Month Supply at the beginning of each month. Your credit card is billed automatically, your receipt is sent with shipment and the program is cancelable at anytime by e-mail us at Just make sure to include your full name, address and order number if you have it.

Q: Are there jobs available with SmartCeuticals?
A: Yes, territory sales managers are currently sought in select markets. Please e-mail us at to set up an interview.

Q: What is the D3 Global InitiativeT (D3GI)?
A: The D3 Global Initiative (D3GI) is an international awareness campaign on Vitamin D and its increasing importance in human health. Through Smart D, the campaign seeks to raise awareness on its mission. See to learn more


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