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About Vitamin D & SmartCeuticals™

Vitamin D is an increasingly popular Vitamin being studied all over the world due to discoveries highlighting its possible role in preventing and/or treating chronic diseases such as Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease and Cancer.

Traditionally, a majority of us think of Vitamin D as a "Vitamin" naturally found in milk essential for bone health. Don't panic, but milk actually does not contain natural Vitamin D. Milk, as one example is fortified with Vitamin D while true Vitamin D is actually produced in our skin -- as a prohormone -- after exposure from UVB rays from the sun. This hormone can be captured and synthesized into Dietary Supplement form (which is what we do with Smart D™). Vitamin D can also be found in very low quantities in foods like fatty fish, egg yolks and mushrooms.

However, the difficulty (and inconvenience) of obtaining adequate amounts of this vitamin through foods, sunlight and supplements; coupled with factors such as age, ethnicity and geographical location play very important factors in understanding who and why people become deficient in this vitamin - and further, what the potential health implications are for being deficient.

SmartCeuticals DT is a professional Vitamin development company with a mission to reduce, prevent and raise awareness on Vitamin D Deficiency by providing a safe, effective and more convenient way for all people to get enough of this crucial Vitamin. Through a solution and education based platform ( it aims to facilitate important discussions (and arguments) taking place between scientific proponents and opponents of Vitamin D; and through a unique absorption formula pioneered by leading vitamin researchers it aims to becomes the most wildly recognized brand for dietary Vitamin D in the United States.

It is the responsibly of the consumer population to educate themselves on the latest breakthroughs in Vitamin D research, as the FDA and FTC (US) continue to maintain strict regulation on health claims that can and cannot be made with Vitamin D due to its present classification as a Vitamin.

More information on Vitamin D is available in our Research Library and the National Institutes of Health :



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